How To Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales With a QR Code Ordering System

25 June 2023


The restaurant industry is constantly evolving and adapting to meet customers' changing needs. One of the biggest innovations from the last few years is the use of QR code ordering systems. QR code ordering systems allow customers to scan a code with their smartphone and instantly access a digital menu, place an order, and pay for their meal.


If you're a restaurant owner looking to boost your sales and improve your customer experience, implementing a QR code ordering system is a smart business decision that can provide numerous benefits.


Improve Order Accuracy


One of the most significant advantages of a restaurant QR code ordering system is its improved order accuracy. This can result in improved customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat customers. 


With a QR code ordering system, customers can view your menu and place orders directly from their smartphones. This reduces the likelihood of errors caused by miscommunication between the customer and the staff member.


QR code ordering systems typically include detailed menu descriptions and options for customisation, such as dietary restrictions or special requests. This ensures customers can place their orders accurately and precisely according to their preferences. 


Faster Service


While traditional ordering methods can require customers to wait for someone to take their order, often with longer wait times during peak hours, a QR code ordering system allows customers to place their orders instantly.


Once a customer has scanned the QR code and placed their order through the online ordering system, it is transmitted directly to the kitchen or bar. This means the kitchen staff can start preparing the order immediately, without any delay. This can result in faster service and shorter customer wait times, which is essential for busy restaurants during peak hours, and allows venues to serve more customers and increase potential sales.


Reduce Labour Costs


A QR code ordering system can provide hospitality venues with an opportunity to reduce labour costs. 


During peak periods, restaurants often need to have more staff on the floor to serve customers, but with a QR code ordering system, this number may be able to be reduced. At the very least you could redistribute staff to ensure that all customers receive quality service, even during the busiest periods.


Gather Valuable Data


A QR code ordering system allows you to gather valuable data about your customers. The system can capture data on what menu items are most popular, which items are frequently ordered together, and when customers are most likely to order certain items.


This data can be used to optimise the menu and pricing, improve customer experiences, and make more informed business decisions. For example, restaurants can use this data to identify which menu items are most profitable and which are not, allowing you to adjust the menu accordingly. You can also use the data to create targeted promotions and marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with customers.

Boost your Restaurant’s Sales with an Online Food Ordering System

A QR code ordering system is an excellent investment for restaurants looking to increase sales and improve customer experiences.


If you're a restaurant owner, now is the time to consider implementing a QR code ordering system like Yesterday. Yesterday's online food ordering system is user-friendly and customisable, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific needs and requirements. Contact Yesterday to learn more about how our system can help your hospitality business grow.

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